What can be done to promote sustainable development?

Jill Washington

17 May 2017

Sustainable Development

The world today is need of sustainable development; such economic development that does not affect the natural resources of the world and does not deplete the environment. While this should have been the take on development all along, mankind did not realize, until recently how it was affecting the water reservoirs, the air quality, health and well-being of those who are currently inhabiting this world, but more importantly of the generations to come.

Going Forward

Going forward, experts of the field, environmentalists and researchers feel that economic development should go hand in hand with environmental development. For starters, globally the countries are turning towards renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, and moving away from old sources such as oil. Countries have added goals in addition to the economic development goals. Bhutan has recently been declared a carbon-negative country despite its run towards fiscal and economic development. These are the goals that are globally being sought. China, within it more populated and polluted cities, has systematically been setting-up vertical forests, thus depleting the carbon count of those cities. Yet, the fact is that with increasing population globally, the need for residential buildings is rising, which is fast cutting into the agricultural lands and forests. The Amazon, the Rain forest as well as others across the globe are being chopped down to make way for the buildings and for the type of economic development that cannot be labeled “sustainable.” The problems remain that with the decrease of forests, the wildlife, flora and fauna, is being affected in ways beyond the imaginations of common men.

The Age-Old Question


The question, however, by far remain this: What can be done to promote sustainable development? While countries around the globe are focusing on the issue, the latest trends have again started to ignore the proclamations of the scientists, and are heading backwards in terms of development and science. It is imperative that the narrative be taken control of again, and shaped in a way that the developers realize the importance of keeping the development sustainable!