Tips for Identifying, Applying for and Getting the Best Auto Loans in Central and Eastern Europe

Jill Washington

16 November 2017

Tips for Identifying, Applying for and Getting the Best Auto Loans in Central and Eastern Europe

Lenders charge different rates on their auto loans. Some charge lower rates. Others charge higher rates, but are willing to lend to customers that the normal banks would dare not touch. For this reason, it is important for borrowers to understand more about the issue of car loans. Otherwise, they will apply for whatever they consider the best auto loans for consumers without having adequate, relevant information.

The good news is anybody can learn to identify, apply for, and get the best loans. Before applying for the loan, consumers have to get a few things right first. These include:
a) Identifying the desired car
b) Obtaining a good price/rate for the car
c) Finding the most suitable and affordable way of funding the purchase
So, what should consumers do to get the best loans?

Check Your Credit

No lender will approve the loan application without looking at the borrowers’ credit. It is worth noting that lenders do not look at credit in isolation. They also consider the borrower’s income. Good credit enables borrowers to receive low-interest rates. Bad credit makes you a huge risk; hence, likely to have to pay high-interest rates.

Check Your Spending Power

The borrower’s spending power is also a huge factor here. Failure to consider this will expose you to the possibility of having nothing left after making the monthly payments to meet your other financial obligations. Do not rely on salespeople to educate you on this issue. After all, they are only interested in convincing you to buy the car you have loved.

Plan Long-Term

Do you limit yourself to loans that last a long or short time? How much down payment do you make? You may feel good about the small down payment you made today before looking at the long-term repercussions. Also, stretching the loan to last a few more years might seem good until you realize the higher interest rates will cancel the benefits of your low monthly payments.

An option is to save and pay cash for the car. However, this is not achievable for many people. Thus, an alternative is to pay a down payment of at least 20 percent and repay the rest in a shorter time if you can afford the repayment amounts. If you can afford it, apply for a loan that you can repay in less than five years.

Shop Around

Nothing guarantees you better results than shopping around. Do not settle on the first lender you come across. You never know if the first deal you got is the best until you check with other lenders. The dealership is only one source of the best auto loans. Feel free to check with other lenders. The ones worth applying to include:
a) Credit union
b) Bank
c) Online lender
d) P2P

Avoid Repayment Penalties

Repayment penalties can make your loan much more expensive than you anticipated. Negotiate the loan with the understanding that nothing in life stays the same forever. Your situation could change – for the better or worse. Look for lenders who have lower repayment penalty rates, flexible terms and are more receptive and understanding of the borrowers’ situations.

Lastly, always remember that the auto loan lender is already protected. The lender isn’t doing you any favors. Instead, the lender is providing a service you need, and for which, you are also willing to part with some money. Therefore, find ways of protecting yourself as well as your loved ones. Don’t go for a loan that is likely to jeopardize your loved ones’ financial future.

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