Maximizing the Use of Your 1300 Number for Business Development

Jill Washington

16 May 2018

How well businesses are flourishing within an area will often inform how well that place is developed. There are a number of ways to develop your business to further heights. One of the ways learning how to use your 1300 number. The decision to get a 1300 number for your business will give your great benefits, and in the process help, you attract more customers.

Once you have gotten your number, assuming you’ve bought it, choose a reliable provider and an affordable plan, and you will be good to go. Follow the simple guide below to get the most out of your business number.

Get a Customized Number

Smart numbers are great when you want to enhance the marketing efforts of your business. When you are buying one, you should customize it to meet your business needs. These numbers come with memorable patterns and phone words.

It is the phone words that make your business services better at marketing. You can choose a phone word such as 1 300 CAKES which is very memorable. To get the best out of such a number, you can use it as your business number, use it as your domain such as and use it to represent your brand. By using it as your domain, people will be able to tell what your business does, by providing the product and your business number at the same time.

Personalize Services Based on your Customers

The good thing about a 1300 number is that you can customize their services to meet the needs of your customers. First off, you can get the most out of your inbound numbers by personalizing the routing configuration. Choose answering points based on the location of your callers, the availability of a given answering point and the time of the day you are calling.

By personalizing, you ensure that each call is answered by the most relevant person and they get enough help from your business. This enhances business conversion rates from your marketing efforts. Again, when your services are well customized, you know exactly what to expect, and you can choose a plan that works well for your business – this helps you save money.

Combine Services

Most startups will start when the owner still have their day job and employing someone else to receive calls for you is not an option. For starters, you can start by pairing your 1300 number with the live answering service and get the best out of both services. Here, the answering service will take your calls and even forward them to your email account or through SMS.

By mixing and matching different services with your 1300 number, you will not lose any business as no call will go unanswered. You have to do it the right way to ensure clients are happy.

Get a 1300 Number

If you’re considering developing your business to greater heights, especially if you are running an international business from Europe or from Australia, you’ll need the 1300 number. Buy 1300 numbers Australia and start developing your business the right way. With the right provider and the right plan, your business will benefit.