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Development and Transition is a forum for practitioners and scholars to share experience, research, and perspectives on the social, political and economic challenges facing Europe and Central Asia. If you are involved in development work, engaged in related research, or simply wish to know more about the region, this website can be a valuable resource.

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Disagree with an article or blog? Wish to voice your own perspective on a topic featured on the website? Then leave a comment after an article. (Please note, comments are moderated. See the ‘Code of conduct’).

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Know of a development project that has had measurable impact? Have research to share? Hope to draw attention to an important national or regional issue? Then write an article. First, send a short abstract (a summary) of your intended piece (in English or Russian) to developmentandtransition(at) for review by the editors. If we like your idea, we’ll ask you to write up the full article (1,000 words). We reserve the right to edit for style and length.